Women Empowerment Coach


Feminine Energy Practitioner

About Me

Tine is a Women Empowerment Coach, Feminine Energy Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu Practitioner, NLP Coach and pure feminine power.

For many years she worked as a female leader in the corporate world where the masculine qualities like competition, control, authority and analytical mind were more valued compared to the more feminine qualities such as connection, trust, empowerment and intuition. As she is strong and raised not to give up she did her utmost to fit in and to compete in this mainly men’s world. This contributed to her becoming disconnected from her feelings, needs and feminine energy. After learning and trying different training, teachings and courses to better connect with herself again, understand about her emotions and her inner being, she discovered her real mission and started living the life she desires, full of energy, love, connection, ease and joy. 

Full of passion, Tine now enables women via her teachings and coachings to experience the freedom and power of their own infinite feminine energy too.

And A Little Bit More

I dream about a world with more female world leaders.

I believe in the unlimited possibilities of the universe.

I believe and know that we can create our own life.

I believe that growth, abundance and success is our natural state of being.

I am continuously growing and developing myself further via various training, mentoring and other platforms on a personal and business level as well. 

I have bundled my experience and knowledge in a practical sustainable roadmap that I share via my teachings and coachings. 

I only share and teach what I practice myself and what benefits my life.

My Vision

“Feminine And Masculine Energy Are In Balance.”

My mission

“Enable Women To Expereince The Freedom And Power Of Their Feminine Energy.”

When we, women, are fully empowered by our feminine energy we are unstoppable and can create anything we want.

We stand out and become authentic female leaders who take more powerful and sustainable decisions and actions

in line with our values, goals, dreams and inner purpose that contribute to the greater good. 

In this way we can bring more balance between the feminine and the masculine again.

We need both, without the other, one can not blossom to its full potential. 

The more I connect with my feminine energy, the more powerful, easy and joyful my life gets.

My daily challenge is to be aware when my mind takes over that brings doubts and confusion driven by certain beliefs and thoughts. While my heart knows exactly what to do, what is right, what feels right.

That is to love and allow myself to be and to make my choices from the heart out of love and abundance.

Only when I practice what is good for me I am able to do the same with others, my loved ones, my environment and mother earth.

I Would Like To Be Known

As An Intelligent Woman,

A Courageous Woman,

A Loving Woman,

A Woman Who Teaches By Being.

~Maya Angelou ~