Infinite . feminine . energy

Create Your Desired Life
From Your
Infinite Feminine Energy

Too Late, You Missed It!

Do You Dream About a Different Life?



You don’t know how or where to start

You don’t have enough time or not enough money

You are afraid of losing people when you go for the life you want

You feel guilty when you say no and want more from life

You are worried about what people might think when you express your dreams

You don’t get the right love and connection you are longing for

You don’t have the right support around you

Nobody ever seems to hear you when you speak out

Nobody sees or knows how much knowledge and experience you have

You feel alone with your ambition and dreams

Imagine You Can Create And Get

Everything You Want,

Everything You Dream Of,


You will have more joy, happiness and freedom in your life

Your dreams and wishes will become reality

You will have control of the direction of your life

You will be full of energy and excitement when you wake up

Your days will be so full of opportunities

You will be busy with the things that you love doing

You will feel fulfilled at the end of the day

You will be able to keep your emotions in a positive state

You will have more quality time for yourself and the people you care about

Your relationships with your loved ones will be more loving and connecting

Just By …

Accessing Your Infinite Feminine Energy

This Workshop Is Not For You If

 You are already living your dream life

✓ You are not open for change

You want things to stay as they are 

You want others to fix or do it for you

You already know everything

You don’t want to grow or develop yourself

But Absolutely For You When

You want to commit for the full 100%

You want to invest in your personal growth and your desired life

You want to bring sustainable changes in your life

You are open to learn new things

You want to uncover your feminine energy

You want to access your heart and trust your intuition

You Will Learn How

To connect with your own infinite feminine energy and start trusting your intuition and inner wisdom

Your feminine energy relates and can be in balance with your masculine energy for powerful creation

To understand and impact your emotions to always be in a beautiful and joyful state

To get rid of your obstacles and become fearless so you can appeal to your self-esteem like there is nothing to it

To overcome the conditioning of your beliefs and become empowered and resourceful

To become one with your environment and have pure connecting relationships

To awaken your consciousness of the unlimited possibilities driven by your heart and your true nature

To discover this inexhaustible source of opportunities in you and start creating your desired life

And All This….

From a State Of Ease And Joy

Online Workshop

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€ 67,-

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Early Bird

€ 47,-

vat incl.

Until 3 March

March 13, 2021

Starts : 10 am Brussels CET

Ends : 4 pm Brussels CET

During The Workshop

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Tine is a Women Empowerment Coach, Feminine Energy Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu Practitioner, NLP Coach and pure feminine power. For many years she worked as a female leader in the corporate world where masculine qualities were more valued compared to feminine qualities. This contributed to her becoming disconnected from her feelings, needs and feminine energy. After learning and trying different training, teachings and courses to better connect with herself again, understand about her emotions and her inner being, she discovered her real mission and started living the life she desires, full of energy, love, joy, connection, ease and relaxation. 

Full of passion, Tine now enables women via her teachings and coachings to experience the freedom and power of their own infinite feminine energy.

Tine Thoen

Ute is an Art Therapist, Systemic Family Therapist, Resilience Trainer, Relaxing Coach and pure intuitive passion. Ever since she was a little girl, her dream was a world where everybody is drawing. This passion for drawing and painting brought her to become an art therapist, among other things. In her work she helps kids, teens, women and families to connect more with their feelings, heart and inner source to be able to express more their emotions and needs to improve the interaction with their environment and relationships.

Ute brings you in the present moment and in a world full of joy, relaxation, connection, intuition, colours, beauty, energy and a positive flow of creation.

Ute Dungel