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Attract Real Love
The Way To Succeed For A

Deep, Loving And Connecting Relationship

You Dream About Real Love And You Want To Meet Your Perfect Soulmate

You are quite happy with your life, your career is going well and you are surrounded by friends and family, but there is that one thing missing. That special one to share your life with. Someone who is there for you when you need some support, someone who is going home with you together, who is there for you when you come home, someone next to you when you wake up in the morning.

✓ You think about having a relationship and you want to meet your soulmate.You believe it will come to you one day or you hope to meet your soulmate via your social life or at work or at the gym or … you hope to meet someone in your daily life. You are not really taking any action towards it yourself and in the meantime you keep waiting, hoping and dreaming …

You know what you want, how your perfect soulmate needs to be and what kind of relationship you want, but it seems that you always get what you don’t want. Or you keep meeting potential partners that are interested

in you but you don’t feel attracted to them, they are not the one. 

You feel attracted to someone and you hope for the right moment to come. You don’t know if he or she is interested in you or if he or she is available. You are looking for actions or words that they are saying to prove that they like you too. Or you are attracted to someone that is not available right now, but the relationship is not going well so soon he or she will be available to come to you.

You are in a kind of relationship, but it is not really going somewhere, especially not the way you want it to go. You miss real intimacy, passion and connection. Or you don’t feel understood and most of the time you feel alone. Or everything that is happening is almost always in function of the other and your needs and desires are neglected.

When you recognize yourself in one or more of the above sentences,

then this program is for you!

Imagine Yourself Together

With Your Big Love,

You’ve Always Dreamed Of,

and that

You see the love in the eyes of your soulmate when he/ she looks at you

You feel loved and cherished

You feel supported and valued

You feel attractive and full of passion

You have someone to share your life with

You feel at home and at ease in the arms of your love

You feel connected and as one

You receive all the love and attention you long for

Your relationship is going exactly as you want it to be

You are full of joy and happiness together

You have fun and laughter together


Just By …

Tuning In On The Right

Love Frequency

In This Program You Will Learn



To connect with your own infinite love frequency and gain the confidence for dating

To attract the relationship you want that is matching your needs and future

To get rid of your obstacles that are holding you back from attracting the right partner

To feel attractive so they line up for you

To get and stay in your dating zone with confidence and enjoy 

 To detect the pitfalls on dating sites

To distinguish the right ones from the ones that keep you on the leash

To spend only time with real potential partners so you can easily brush off when you are not interested without feeling quilty

The polarity between the feminine and masculine energy works 

To keep the attraction alive without effort

This Is What

You Get :

Content of the modules : 

Module 1 : Get crystal clear on what YOU want in your perfect soulmate and your perfect relationship.

Module 2 : Tune in on the right love frequency and become CONFIDENT in the dating zone.

Module 3 : Create your dating profile and enter the dating field online/ offline for SUCCESSFUL dating results.

3 Modules online available in “thefreedomacademy”

Every 2 weeks a new module is available 

1 year access to the program and the modules

3 zoom calls with me to discuss progress/ insights and the lesson (1 per module)

1 follow up zoom call after the program  

1 guided empowering meditation 

Each module contains : 

      – 1 video

      – 1 audio

      – 1 book (pdf) with lesson and assignments

      – 1 reporting sheet

      – 1 zoom call


After this program you will be able to enter the dating zone with confidence

and know exactly how to attract REAL love, your PERFECT soulmate

and the relationship that YOU want.

And All This

From a State Of Ease

And Joy

This Program Is Not For You If

 You already have your perfect soulmate

✓ You are not open for change

You want things to stay as they are

You don’t want to commit yourself

You are not interested in a relationship

You already know everything about love and relations

You don’t want to grow or develop yourself

But Absolutely For You When

You want your soulmate to enter your life

You no longer want to stay alone

You want to share your life with true love

You want to invest in yourself and in your future

You want love and connection in your life

You are willing to open your heart for new love

You want to tune in on your own infinite love frequency

You are willing to surrender to the process

My commitment : 

I hold you accountable 

I check on your understanding and insights of the lesson and the result of your assignments.

4 zoom calls

Available to answer your questions if they arise during the program (duration 6 weeks)

Your commitment : 

Follow and execute exactly all the steps and assignments as prescribed in the lessons

DAILY commitment and reporting is required!

Time needed : -/+ 1 hour/ day  

Daily reporting on your assignments and progress via the report sheet

Energy Exchange

€ 789,-


Vat Incl.

Duration :

6 to 8 weeks,

depending on your own pace.





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Tine is a Women Empowerment Coach, Feminine Energy Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Shiatsu Practitioner, NLP Coach and pure feminine power. For many years she worked as a female leader in the corporate world where masculine qualities were more valued compared to feminine qualities. This contributed to her becoming disconnected from her feelings, needs and feminine energy. After learning and trying different training, teachings and courses to better connect with herself again, understand about her emotions and her inner being, she discovered her real mission and started living the life she desires, full of energy, love, joy, connection, ease and relaxation. 

Full of passion, Tine now enables women via her teachings and coachings to experience the freedom and power of their own infinite feminine energy.

Tine Thoen