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Quantum Queen Membership

A Like Minded Environment

Where Women Support Women

And Hold Each Other Accountable


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One of the most important things to succeed in achieving your goals, taking actions, making changes in your life,

personal growth or creating the life you want, is your environment!

Environment Is Stronger Than Willpower!
Paramahansa Yogananda ~

You may want something really really hard and you may have a strong willpower 

but if you don’t have a supportive or motivating environment that helps you to hold you accountable

it will be very difficult to succeed and hold on to your goals.

The right environment will help you to keep your energy high,

to keep your focus and to keep you in a positive flow.

Every Successful Woman Has A Tribe

Of Other Successful Women

Who Have Her Back!

Even when you have an understanding and supportive environment, when you are stuck with something,

or want personal growth, or a change in your life or achieve a specific goal it is mainly a personal thing,

where an external neutral but like minded environment is preferred to help you assist, support and motivate.

You will move forward and gain insights much quicker than when you are always in your daily environment

where you talk about the same things and continue to apply the same old habits and routines.

Join now and become part of a supportive environment that inspires and motivates you,

that lifts up your energy, that brings and keeps you in a positive flow

AND where you can reflect daily with an accountability partner, another ambitious and gorgeous woman

who wants to move forward, who wants change and who wants to take ownership

to create her desired life.

What’s included in your membership?

 You get to know other ambitious gorgeous women

 From all over the world

✓ That support each other

 In a like minded environment

 You are no longer on your own

Every month a new accountability partner

Every month a group accountability call

With the opportunity to ask specific questions

And share your experience

With tools to move forward with your goals

With valuable information and tips

And with special membership offers 

What will it bring you?

More focus and awareness

 More success and abundance

 More love and connection

 More energy and positive flow

 More inspiration and motivation

More meaning to your day and in your life

 Obstacles become opportunities

Procrastination turns into taking actions

Old habits become new successful habits

And this time you will not give up on your desires and goals

Because you have a community that supports you

Real Queens

Fix Each Other’s Crown

Only Now


Per Month (vat incl.)

Normal Price €57,-*

Per Month (vat incl.)


Being part of the Quantum Queens brings me the opportunity to meet amazing, strong and independent women, to share with them the highlights of my day. And most important to learn from them and with them. 

A. C.

Being part of Quantum Queens has given me support from women sharing the same challenges in life, no matter what background and age. Spending just a few minutes a day together has enabled me to reflect on my day and on the important things, such as from what I am grateful for, to what I have learnt from challenges to what I would like to see in my future.

It has also been about giving a little part of myself to support other women, which in itself is hugely satisfying and rewarding.


A great community to be a part of for any woman!


I was a bit sceptical when I started but soon I was so amazed about the fact that I found it so easy to share things from my life with other women that I don’t know. It is so unbelievable to experience that with each one of them I feel this deep connection and support. 

It also helps to get a better grip on your life. Life is no longer overcoming me but it is now me that impacts my life. 

M. J.

It helps me to keep me on track with my intentions and my progressions. It helps me to have a clear vision and awareness about different aspects of my life, how to balance better certain areas, how to manage my feelings and expectations and to be proud about my achievements.

Learning all this and discovering a lot of things about myself is really truly amazing.


I started with the feeling let’s give it a try…

What I actually tried for a long time to make it a habit but never succeeded. Now it finally became a daily commitment. I am now more aware during the day, I have more focus and more positivity in my life. I even succeeded in creating some things in my life.

I love to interact and share with these other lovely ladies and to have the support in our Quantum Queens Community.